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The sun  has been around since life has existed,In large sections of our society,we worship the Sun as it is considered holy and powerful.It belongs to everyone equally and is the ultimate source of energy. The benefits of solar energy are for all who want clean, green and low cost energy.

Independent house, housing societies
Small business, large industries

Benefits of Solar Power

Sustainable, renewable, green energy is going to be the future. Not only are renewable energy sources like solar better for our fragile environment, but the appeal of ridding yourself of increasingly expensive electricity and petrol/diesel bills is undeniable. Read More

Short-Term Benefits of Solar Power

One of the greatest and most immediate benefits of using solar power is that we do not have to worry about running out. Solar energy is renewable, so every day with at least moderate sunlight your solar energy system is generating energy. Read More

Long-Term Benefits of Solar Power

If your solar energy system can provide more energy than what you need to power your own Business/ home, you could bank your additional energy (units)  with the GRID and could use them later on. Read More


When the rays of the sun fall on solar modules placed on the rooftop of houses, commercial building or industries, the individual cells inside the module help convert sunlight into DC electricity. However, most appliances in our home work on AC electricity, and therefore the modules are connected to an inverter which does this conversion. Once the conversion has happened, the output of the inverter which is AC electricity, is connected to the mains of your home to allow you to use solar energy.

Types of solar systems

On-grid systems

Solar systems that are connected to the building mains directly. These systems give priority to the solar power generated and only if the generated power is less than that required, will the grid power be used. As explained above, inverters are used to convert the produced DC electricity to AC. In case you opt for a grid connected system, you are eligible for Net Metering, a process where all the excess power that you produced is fed back to the grid and you receive a credit for the same. In case you generate more than you consume in one complete year, the DISCOM also pays you for the excess units generated. In many states, Net Metering has been made mandatory to avail subsidy for solar.

Off-grid systems

Off grid are different from the on-grid system in the sense that they are set up independently from the state grid. These systems have an additional battery backup system which is charged by the generated solar energy. Batteries are charged when the generated power is more than the power being consumed. These systems are generally more costly than on-grid systems due to addition of batteries for power storage. However advantage of this system is you can use solar energy even in the hours where there is no Solar Power generation. Off-grid systems are perfect for your rooftop solar plants if you have a very erratic power supply or do not get any GRID power at all.

Hybrid Solar System

The best of both worlds and is a combination of an on-grid and off-grid solar system. Hybrid systems have a battery backup which helps store the generated energy. What differentiates hybrid systems from off-grid systems is that, once the battery is fully charged, any excess power generated which is not being utilised will be fed back to the grid and the you will get suitably compensated. A hybrid system can also have other sources of energy producers, such as Diesel Generator (DG) or Wind coupled in the system.