Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Elfrosun is an EPC company. We cover all the aspects of a Solar Energy Project, starting from site survey to budgeting, detailed project designing, procurement of materials and delivering the final product to the client. The infrastructure for the solar plant is of highest quality which enables the plant to withstand the extremities of the weather. We provide  customized solutions for every situation as per the convenience of the clients. The projects are executed by experienced Engineers and a team of skilled manpower. We deliver time bound and high quality projects to the customers. We have agreements with multiple  suppliers for every type of equipment so that we can provide customized solar energy solutions to our clients as per their requirements.

Installation and Commissioning

At Elfrosun we carry out all kind of solar plant installations and commissioning be it On-Grid, Off-Grid or Hybrid solar project.

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are becoming more popular by day as a green alternative for public lighting solution. Solar street lights provide  an excellent, cost effective, renewable energy & optimum lighting solution. It has negligible maintenance, and easy to install.

Solar Water heaters

Solar water heating system is a device that uses solar energy to heat water for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. Heating of water is the most common application of solar energy in the world. A typical solar water heating system can save up to 1500 units of electricity every year, for every 100 liters per day of solar water heating capacity. Solar water heaters use the solar energy from the sun to generate heat (not electricity) which can then be used to heat water for showering.

Solar Pumps

Solar Water Pumps are, for many, a more reasonable source of energy for pumping wells. Solar powered pumps are useful in remote areas that are not tied to the grid, solar power is much less expensive than its counterpart, as well as easier to install. For locations beyond the reach of power lines. Solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning generators. solar-generated electricity, eternally available and pollution free and requiring very little maintenance.

Solar Project Consultancy

At Elfrosun we cover all the aspects of a Solar Rooftop Project consultancy, from site survey, preparing budgetary quote, detailed project designing, We provide with different solutions for every situation as per the convenience of the client. We provide the client with satisfying deliverables within the given time period.